It's impossible to completely know ourselves until we know something about our past. Family histories allow parents to share their legacy with children and grandchildren through historical facts, reminiscences, observations and milestones. Family history projects also provide the ultimate intimate gift.

Think how often you sit around the dinner table trying to answer questions from relatives and friends about the moments that shaped your life and by extension your family members lives. Now you can share your life and positively influence the experiences of your children and grandchildren.

Momentum Communications works with distinguished and accomplished corporate and community leaders in the compilation of their lives such as the retired chief executive officers of People's Bank and the Aquarion Company.

The process includes developing an outline of your life, and sitting down for one-on-one interview sessions with you and anyone you feel adds perspective to your life and career. A full transcript of interviews is provided with guidance on how to present and place your legacy in context. We will discuss content, packaging and presentation opportunities. You may want a straight narrative to share your story or keep it as simple as presenting your life in a question and answer format. Either way your family and friends will be enriched by the experience.