Public Relations, Analyst Relations, Investor Relations... there's a difference?

Many P/R firms offer an Analyst Relations interface. After all, how different can it be from standard P/R? And many companies have experimented with outsourcing their A/R function. Unfortunately, these experiments haven't always been uniformly successful.

We understand the difference between P/R and A/R.

To be sure, there are many congruencies. People with a background in Public Relations are well suited for (and highly successful at) managing your outbound Analyst Relations activities. Setting up your events. Arranging briefings with your Product Management and Marketing folks. Getting Analyst quotes. But there's more to it than this.

We understand that there's this whole pesky inbound aspect to A/R. Analysts have the habit of calling with "inquiries." They have these "quick questions" they want answered. They give you pre-publication drafts of articles they're working on, and ask you to turn around a quick review. This is where P/R people can get a black eye. (And we haven't even mentioned working with your product groups managing research.)

We understand that people with an extensive background in Public Relations are out of their depth for inbound activities with highly technical (and highly opinionated) industry analysts. A non-technical P/R person has no credibility with industry analysts and is soon treated as a "gate;" a person who adds no value and only blocks their access to the people they think they need. Soon, the analysts find their way around the gate and go direct, bypassing the P/R person.

So where's your added value?

Momentum Communications is different. We offer first-hand experience in the high tech industry and existing working relationships and credibility with industry analysts. This allows us to effectively and positively handle your inbound activities with these companies with credibility and impact, especially as most industry analysts tend to accord more respect and credibility to one of their own. We can work with your current outbound team and handle those troublesome inbound aspects (as well as manage your research projects).

Is your A/R function stalled? Let us show you how to build momentum.

Ray Fusci brings over 17 years experience as an industry analyst himself as well as doing Analyst Relations for high-tech companies. As an industry analyst, he has done work for IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sun, Compaq and Sony, and several other smaller companies. He built his A/R skills at Digital Equipment and Compaq, and has extensive contacts and existing working relationships within industry analysis companies such as IDC, Gartner and many others. The level of credibility and trust he's built with his analyst contacts is shown when they often seek him out for help with those all-too-common differences of opinion with senior management over unflattering articles. He's been very successful in getting these kinds of articles modified and softened, with the analysts thanking him for his help.

Ray has extensive experience in several areas including competitive and strategic technical/market research and analysis, support/services management and planning, systems/networks design and implementation, and software engineering. His broad-based knowledge of many areas of technology allows him to come up to speed quickly on your company's capabilities and field many analyst inquiries himself, further off-loading your staff.